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Ayadayol Nature Farms

Our current model of zero-waste Integrated Organic farming principles includes but is not limited to the following:


  • Greenhouse for Indigenous and exotic vegetables (both soil-based) and Aquaponics especially for different varieties of tomatoes and peppers which allows us to grow through all seasons 

  • Herbs particularly Turmeric, Ginger and Garlic

  • Papaya plantation

  • Plantain plantation 

  • Pineapple plantation 

  • Orchards with several varieties of different fruits

  • Organic fertilizer production 

  • Irrigation and sustainable water management practices including using solar-powered water pumps. 


  • Honey production 

  • Bees Wax with numerous value addition products

  • Pollen and propolis production 

  • Meadery (Honey Winemaking) 

Animal Husbandry:

Poultry (Laying hens, Broilers and Noilers for meat, turkeys and guinea fowls)

  • Small Ruminants (Goats with special emphasis on goat milk, Yogurt and cheese

  • Aquaponics (Fish farming, vegetables/herbs)

Food Processing 

  • State of the art Fruits/vegetable, honey and poultry processing room (with a blast freezer that runs on generator) and storage freezers/refrigerators running on solar power.

  • Solar-powered dryers for drying fruits

  • Fruit processing equipment and fruit wine production

  • Goat milk, Yogurt and cheese

Environmental sustainability with a view to reducing our carbon footprint 

  • Rainwater collection from rooftops of our buildings for watering our numerous plantations, orchards and to provide water for our livestock and aquaponics system.  

  • We have successfully reversed land degradation, inorganic residues and pollution using permaculture principles. 

  • We run all our buildings and a significant part of our operations solely on renewable energy specifically solar and wind technology.

  • All our buildings are made on-site with compressed stabilized earth blocks (CSEB) from laterite dug out from our ponds.

  • Obviating the need for cooling in our buildings.

Experiential Learning Centre

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